There’s a season to come

The past couple months I have struggled, but what I know to be true is that what I am going through is simply just a season. For the longest time I felt like I was enduring the brutal, cold winter.

Some days I felt hopeless and felt like the winter would last forever with no signs of spring. But, as I have continued to cling to Jesus and see Him as my greatest hope and joy, I now know that God has better for me.

Not only is winter going to end, but the summer is going to be the best one I have ever experienced. I know that God doesn’t take away just because he’s mean or mad at us. He does it to give us something that He knows is going to be far better.

Suffering is not want anyone wishes on themself. We as humans hate pain and will do anything to hide or run away from it. What I have realized is that pain may be the very thing that not only brings me closer to the Lord, but that gives me the voice and the platform to speak into other hurting hearts.

For the longest time I wished my pain away because of how excruciating it felt, but now when I pray I ask God to use my pain for good and for His glory. I want to be able to see other people who are hurting and to share with them the hope of Jesus.

I want to tell them that as much as it hurts, and as much as it feels like the pain will last forever, that God has bigger and better plans for them that will far surpass what they ever had in mind.

I have already seen God work in my pain and use it for so much good, and I am starting to see signs of spring. The hope and the joy I have experienced during a time of hurt is so much better than the pain I once felt.

I see that God has allowed my pain to draw me so much closer to Himself. I am so thankful that this did happen, even though I would’ve never originally asked for it.

I still am in a season of waiting. My life is not perfect. I still cry. I still don’t have that boyfriend that I desire to have one day. But, because of Jesus I have hope. It’s not a hope knowing that Jesus will give me a boyfriend when I want one, but a hope that He is going to work in my life and do what is best and what brings Him the most glory.

I desire to use this season of my life for so much good. I don’t want to sit around being unhappy single, when I know I can get to know Jesus so much more in a time of singleness.

Paul remained single his whole life, and talked about how being single is far better. We are able to fully devote ourselves to the Lord without any distractions from another person. It is such a cool season to sit in and allow God to work in.

Have you ever gone through a really hard season in your life? What helped you get through it?


2 thoughts on “There’s a season to come

  1. Selah, I love the idea of seasons in this post. I feel like I have learned so much from transitions and seasons throughout my college experience so far. Seasons and people come and go, but God remains the same. When I was a freshman here at Lipscomb, I got a tattoo to remind me of this. “In every season, He is good.” Sometimes that is hard to believe, and even harder to live out- but at the end of the day His goodness always covers our roller coaster of emotions or situations.

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