The importance of Prayer

On my last post, I wrote about how important it is to have a quiet time with Jesus — a time set aside to read your Bible and read all the truths and promises that give us a sense of hope and peace.

Prayer is also so important! It is a time where you are able to cry out to the Lord during any season of life. If you’re sad, cry out to Him. If you’re happy, thank Him. He is good in all our circumstances and deserves our praise and to hear from us at all times.

When I went through my difficult breakup, prayer meant everything for me. It became so important and something I needed to get through my days. I would wake up and pray for a day full of peace that surpassed my understanding. I would pray all throughout the day when I was hurting and would end my day with prayer asking God for continued peace and that He would continue to remain near to me.

As I continued praying, I was seeing God answer my prayers, and I was able to start praying with so much more confidence, looking back seeing how many prayers He had already answered.

I started reading Job and seeing his prayers. He was on his hands and knees begging God to hear him. He felt like God had forsaken him. He was in an excruciating amount of pain. He had everything taken from Him. His prayers weren’t perfect, but he completely laid his heart before the Lord and allowed Him to work in his life. Jesus doesn’t want perfect prayers; He wants heartfelt prayers.

Prayers for believers and non believers are so different. So many non-Christians pray but often times pray only for good things, and not for the best thing. The best thing might be through a season of pain, but we as humans hate to feel pain. It is so hard, but I started praying for God’s will and for Him to do the best thing in my life, no matter the cost. I ultimately want His name to be glorified through my life.

It’s amazing getting to see how God has worked in my life through the power of prayer. I am able to have a direct connection to Him by communicating with Him. He isn’t deaf but hears each one of my prayers.

I began to pray for more than just my needs, but for others’ needs. I started praying for the guy who broke up with me and that he would turn to the Lord in his pain and not seek out the world. As bad as he hurt me, I want this time of pain to be used for good like it has been in my life.

Maybe you don’t know what to pray for. There are so many different things you can pray for. This link is from “Desiring God,” and it’s a helpful guide on what things you can pray for.

Do you struggle with spending time with the Lord in prayer? How do you plan to make it more of a priority in your life?




3 thoughts on “The importance of Prayer

  1. I love how you looked at Job’s example of prayer. It is so true that when God asks for prayers, He does not ask for perfect prayers. Wonderful post with great, insightful thoughts!


  2. I love the line “Jesus doesn’t want perfect prayers, He wants heartfelt prayers”. I think that’s so true. For me, I feel like the challenge is keeping my prayers from becoming quick, shallow prayers where I’m just asking for what I want. I need to remind myself to take the time to come to God with my whole heart, and to go beyond my own desires to pray for others and to pray for God to use me for His glory, even if that comes with challenges.


  3. Wow, this is awesome that you have become more dedicated to your prayer life, and that you recognize’s God’s incredible love and faithfulness. For me, I 100% struggle with my prayer life, and want to get in a habit of setting aside time to focus just on prayer and being in the word. This post definitely encouraged me to make it a priority in my life.


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