Dear future husband

The past seven months have been painful and hard, but extremely rewarding. I have learned so much through this time. I know so much more about Jesus and who He is. He is good, faithful and always there for me. I have learned so much about myself and how I will go into my next relationship, making Christ the center. Lastly, I have learned about what I look for and desire in a husband, so I am going to write a letter to whoever he may be.

Dear future husband,

I pray for you often. I pray for your relationship with the Lord and that right now you are actively pursuing Him and putting Him first in your life. I pray that whatever pain and heartbreak you have had to go through, you have sought out the Lord through it all and gone to him first in all your decisions.

I pray that as I am praying for you, you are praying for me. I pray that we would both go into any other future relationships in a way that glorifies the Lord, knowing the possibility of them not being our future spouse. I pray that we wait patiently for one another and trust God with each others lives.

I desire a man that is going to lead me spiritually and someone I feel like I have to keep up with, because he makes me better and push me in my walk with the Lord. I desire someone who is going to push me towards holiness and not towards sin. I pray this is you.

I pray that as I have had to endure a time of pain and hardship, that I can say later on you were praying for me the whole time, like I’ve been praying for you. I know this period of waiting for a guy is going to be so worth it when God brings us together. I want a marriage that is going to beautifully represent the love that Christ has for us.

As much as I love chocolate and flowers, that doesn’t prove to me you’re the one.

All the right/sweet words won’t show me that you’re perfect for me.

We’re not “meant to be” because you are athletic, or have money or are a hard worker.

I won’t believe you’re good for me even if you go to church every day and claim to be a Christian.

But, prove to me that you’re a man of God!

Prove that as a man of God you will read God’s Word with me, that you will pray with me and for me, that you will strive to lead our family in the way that God calls you to. This is what attracts me to a guy. Pursue Him first, and me second all the days of your life.

I don’t need a man who is perfect, but one who is validated by the One who is perfect! I need someone who I can trust will never break my heart, but sees my heart how Jesus does. Someone who will protect it with all he has and never want to see me hurt or cry.

I can’t wait until I see why so much of my pain and heartbreak has happened and to see and really know that God has been there the whole time and was saving me for you! I can’t wait for a life with someone who has the same desire as I do, to glorify Jesus in everything! I can’t wait for countless adventures, kids and a lifetime of sweet memories.

I will continue to pray for you, whether I know you right now or don’t, and trust God with you, with your life and with our future.

Love, Se



3 thoughts on “Dear future husband

  1. I really loved this post. You ave so much passion in and for your life and thats such great quality to have! This very well done and I hope you and your god loving husband meet and start a great life!


  2. I think this post is so amazing! I know a couple who recently got married, and while they were searching for a relationship they each had written a journal of prayers and letters to their future spouse. After they got married they gave the journals to the other person. Neither of them knew that the other spouse had written a journal. I think that’s so cool of how both of them were constantly thinking and praying for each other before they even knew each other. and by putting the relationship in God’s hands!

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